Some Favorite Math Apps for the iPad!

I thought it'd be fun to share some of my fave math apps for PK-1!  These are tried and true ones I have used with my preschooler and 1st grader at home as well as my Kindergarten school kids.  I tried to talk as fast as I could and I got to 4 apps in 5 minutes (and then also quick just named a few others I like).  So hopefully this video clip will show you something that might catch your eye and be helpful to parents and teachers or anyone out there who knows a little one who'd like to use the iPad to work with numbers!  I have heaps of other apps I recommend for other subjects or skills and I'll try to post some of those another day!  Have fun!
Sorry I wasn't able to embed it with this software, but just click this link to see the video: http://screencast.com/t/76Qqo1oWyLuD

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ps... just fyi, I'm not associated with any of these apps or creators in any way... just trying to spread the word about what I think are good, quality, beautiful apps!

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