WANTED posters & POWER names!

Looking for a cool project to spice up your hallway or bulletin board?  

These WANTED posters are fun and easy to make.  I like to do this project around Open House or Conference time when I want my room/hall to look extra cute!  There are 2 parts: WRITING 
 and DRAWING (I like to guide them through the process-- ideas for things to have them do are included). 

 Check out some sweet finished products!...


Btw, have you ever heard of Power Names?  It's an awesome thing our school does, inspired by a guy named Larry Bell.  We associate a positive, strong adjective with each child's name... we choose one that begins with the same letter as their first initial because the alliteration makes it extra catchy!  You can see a few of mine in these pictures.  We use them to refer to the kids throughout the day and they LOVE it!  They really become what we call them... hard working, creative, kind, loving, leader, victorious!  Try it out and see what happens!  Do you have a jar of popsicle sticks with kids names on them?  Write them on there to remind yourself to use their power names!  It's an easy way for you to brag on your kids and what they do well and it really helps you build a relationship. 
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All About Abe!

My class loved making the cherry shaped book about George Washington so I know they'll be excited tomorrow to create a book about Abraham Lincoln!  Abe's book comes in the shape of his famous stovepipe hat of course!

It's so simple, but it helps personalize the information and make it more memorable to the students.  Here are a few pics of pages from the book:

 If you're interested in scooping up this great project, it's only $2!  Grab it and go have some fun learning about our 16th President!  :) And if you want, you can even grab BOTH the Abe and George projects all whipped together in one nice DOUBLE DEAL and save even more!  Cheers!
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The TRUTH about George Washington!

Brand new, on SALE, and just in time for President's Day!  
The perfect president's day activity... actually, TWO activities! Choose one or both!

Each child can create their own fact-filled cherries that can be displayed individually.


You can make a class book (shaped like a cherry!) filled with facts and illustrations about George Washington's life.  My kiddos did these pages today and they really impressed me with how awesome some of their drawings were!

This packet includes things to do and discuss before you do the project (like telling the story of the cherry tree!), title and picture of George for the cover of either project, blank cherries if you want kids to write their own facts and 27 ready-to-go REALLY INTERESTING, true facts about George Washington, and of course- detailed directions for how to do each project.

Besides everything contained in this packet, all you need is a little construction paper and you've created a really cool informational project (or 2) about our nation's 1st President!

So many options! Something for everyone! Happy President's Day! Thanks for stopping by!
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The Important Book Project

Have you heard of The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown?  It's super duper old and classic.  If you've never seen it or don't have it, I found the whole book online HERE.

It's especially cool though because of the pattern each page of the book follows.  It takes a regular thing (like a spoon, the wind, grass, a daisy) and tells the most important thing about it (in the author's opinion), then goes on to list 3 more great details, but comes back to re-state the most important thing.

SO how can you use this in your class?  How cool would it be to have kids write about "The Most Important Thing About Me!"  or "The Most Important Thing About My Family!"

These could be done at ANY time of year (beginning of the year, open house, graduation, just a regular ol day), and you could hang them up or make a class book or ??? but I think the family idea could also make a sweet holiday gift- Christmas or even Valentine's Day since it's all about LOVE... and who do our kids love more than their families?!  :)  So that was why I whipped this project out right now.  They're going to be Valentine's gifts for the parents.  Man, if my kids made something this cute, I'd definitely keep it forever!  I love kid-drawn family photos.  That has TREASURE written all over it.  :)

Want to grab the writing and drawing papers on sale?  Head on over to my TpT store and snatch em up cheap and have fun doing this project tomorrow!  I have several options for writing papers and drawing papers so you can have them all and choose the one you like best.

Check them out!  I was dying reading some of the sweet, funny things they said.  And didn't they do a good job with their family portraits?  I taught them how to fit everyone in by doing a little overlapping if necessary.  Anyway- here!  I'll pick out a few of the highlights:

I love this line:  "It's true that we are: BFF."
The most important thing about my family is that we: love each other!

It's true that we are: perfect!

oh my gosh, can you see this one??  How do you spell TV?  :)
We like to: wach tefe
too cute!

And it's true that this family is: smrt (with a backwards "s" and all!)  :)

Don't you think parents will love these forever?  oh my!  SO great!!

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When I am 100 Years Old!

I am in LOVE with this project!
I just did it for the 13th year in a row in honor of the 100th day of school, and let me tell you- it never gets old!  Ha!  Even if your 100th day is a little bit past, you should still do it!  It's so fun!

And I promise you, everyone who walks through your hall and sees them is sure to comment on how hilarious they are.  At one of my old, old schools we had a very strict kind of mean-ish Principal who never filed or liked ANYTHING, but guess what?  She was freaking out, taking pictures of these and talking about them for months.  There is something about this project that is just THAT great.  :)

If you like it and wanna give it a whirl, grab all the instructions, brainstorming tools, and writing paper choices in my TpT shop for only a few bucks!  I used to just have my Kindergarteners write a few lines about being 100... but this year I tried a writing frame and I'm really happy with the results (you get both options and more in my packet)!

And for now, just sit back and gets  kick out of these funny, sweet 100 year old babes:  Oh, and if you don't read Kindergarten writing, I will translate for ya!

This little lady is going to probably eat lots of salad, live in her apartment and spend time with her grandchildren.  For fun, she'll go bowling with her old friends and she'll also wear glasses.
This granny likes to "jric cofe"  (drink coffee). :)
Eating lots of jello and relaxing in Arizona!
Playing BINGO and walking around with her cane.  Life is good! 
And when this little guy gets together with his friends, they're not doing anything wild and crazy.  They're just gonna "go ras"  (go rest).  Sounds good, buddy!
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Happy Valentine's Day FREEBIE! Teacher Valentines!

Just spreading the Valentine's Day LOVE!  Print these off and give them to your students, from YOU!  15 different options, something for everyone... even specific poems to attach a pencil or piece of licorice to!

Here is how I'm putting them together- just printed on pink paper, adding some stickers (aren't these cool- came in  pack of 24 tiny sheets from Lakeshore?) cause I'm kind of against giving out sugar and bam!  Ready for Valentine's Day!

Grab the entire file in my TPT store!
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AWESOME deals!!!  I already had most of my items on sale... but during the next three days (Saturday through Monday), everything is an additional 20% off!!  AND as if that's not crazy enough- on Sunday only, if you enter the code "super" at checkout, you get 8% MORE off!  If you were ever going to buy anything, THIS is your weekend, friends!  I'm practically giving stuff away! :) Happy shopping!
K-2 Teachers, do you have a great product on SALE this weekend? Let's see it! I love sharing ideas! Link up here... No rules, just have fun!
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