WANTED posters & POWER names!

Looking for a cool project to spice up your hallway or bulletin board?  

These WANTED posters are fun and easy to make.  I like to do this project around Open House or Conference time when I want my room/hall to look extra cute!  There are 2 parts: WRITING 
 and DRAWING (I like to guide them through the process-- ideas for things to have them do are included). 

 Check out some sweet finished products!...


Btw, have you ever heard of Power Names?  It's an awesome thing our school does, inspired by a guy named Larry Bell.  We associate a positive, strong adjective with each child's name... we choose one that begins with the same letter as their first initial because the alliteration makes it extra catchy!  You can see a few of mine in these pictures.  We use them to refer to the kids throughout the day and they LOVE it!  They really become what we call them... hard working, creative, kind, loving, leader, victorious!  Try it out and see what happens!  Do you have a jar of popsicle sticks with kids names on them?  Write them on there to remind yourself to use their power names!  It's an easy way for you to brag on your kids and what they do well and it really helps you build a relationship. 
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  1. Really great idea! I think I could even make it work for 3rd Grade. Plus, maybe I can buy those Dollar Tree Cowboy Hats and take pics of the kids to put on it (or have kids take the pics to show technology integration)....Thanks for the Great Idea!!!

    This Little Piggy Reads
    P.S. I'm having a blog giveaway with 3 prize packs, hop over if you're interested!