Hello? Spring? Are you there?

Hey!   Even though the first day of Spring was weeks ago, it somehow doesn't seem too late to share this... so here goes:

We have 33 school days until Summer Vacation!  But here in MN, we're still waiting for Spring to show her lovely face-- check out my feet after school today: 

Yikes!  many inches of sloppy, heavy, wet snow.  I was caught off guard and my toes paid the price- ha.  
Back on the 1st official day of Spring, we made these adorable robins and I had to share!  My sister gave me this idea years ago...  they're so simple and cute and super Spring-y, don't you think?!  It's fun to see how the different eyes or positions of the wings can create such personalities.  :)

You just need 2 circle tracers... one bigger, one smaller.  Have kids trace and cut an orange and brown small circle (for the tummy and head) and 2 big brownies (for the body and the wings-- cut in half for the wings).   The beak, eyes, and feet were all free-handed by the kindergarteners.  We also made some robin eggs and wrote ING words all over them. 
  So there ya go!  Hope the weather is better where you are!  Happy Spring... eventually!  It can't be Winter forever, right?? :)

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