Spicin it up with a little Espanol!

 The story from our LA curriculum form a few weeks ago was all about "Abuela" so we had a blast brushing up on our Spanish!  The kids loved learning new words and illustrating them in this Spanish book I created!  It includes a cute rainbow coloring page about colors, a connect the words/numbers page about numbers 1-5 and 8 awesome pages to help kids learn 36 useful Spanish words! Each page includes 4 words and definitions (so you don't have to guess if you're not a Spanish expert yourself!) that are all organized into a nice, neat category: 

2 pages about people: grandmother, grandfather, mom, dad, friend, teacher, sister, brother
animals: cat, dog, bird, bear
things: pencil, jacket, book, house
feelings: I love you, I like it, good, bad
food: apple, corn, chicken, milk
body parts: head, eyes, ears, mouth
phrases: good morning, good night, happy birthday, and let's go
Each word or phrase is in a box with enough room for students to draw a little illustration to help them remember what the word means. We did about 2 pages a day and they begged for more.  Don't you just LOVE Kindergarten illustrations??

the "ears" here are too funny.  :)

In class, we also threw in a bunch of Dr. Jean goodness... her "Hand on My Head" song is my favorite... and she even has her entire Ole!  Ole!  Ole! CD with all kinds of fun Spanish songs.  If you aren't familiar with those, you should check them out!   Just wanted to share cause with Cinco de Mayo creeping up, this might make your 1st week of May extra fun.  :)  Adios!
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