Show me the money!

Imagine the perfect little packet to introduce coins... here it is! :) Includes a cute cover, a super catchy song about coins and their values (you can't help but smile when you sing it!), and of course a page dedicated to each specific coin (penny, nickel, dime, quarter). Students see a picture of the coin, fill in the value, name the President on the coin, practice counting the coins, and have some space to make some crayon rubbings of the actual coin.

I like to print these and have them stapled into little 6 page books (or 3 pages if you copy 2-sided) for each student. You could certainly use the pages as stand alone printables though, too.
It's also fun to get out magnifying glasses and let kids really study the coins as we're filling out the book together. They'll love it! Thanks for stopping by!
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