The Important Book Project

Have you heard of The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown?  It's super duper old and classic.  If you've never seen it or don't have it, I found the whole book online HERE.

It's especially cool though because of the pattern each page of the book follows.  It takes a regular thing (like a spoon, the wind, grass, a daisy) and tells the most important thing about it (in the author's opinion), then goes on to list 3 more great details, but comes back to re-state the most important thing.

SO how can you use this in your class?  How cool would it be to have kids write about "The Most Important Thing About Me!"  or "The Most Important Thing About My Family!"

These could be done at ANY time of year (beginning of the year, open house, graduation, just a regular ol day), and you could hang them up or make a class book or ??? but I think the family idea could also make a sweet holiday gift- Christmas or even Valentine's Day since it's all about LOVE... and who do our kids love more than their families?!  :)  So that was why I whipped this project out right now.  They're going to be Valentine's gifts for the parents.  Man, if my kids made something this cute, I'd definitely keep it forever!  I love kid-drawn family photos.  That has TREASURE written all over it.  :)

Want to grab the writing and drawing papers on sale?  Head on over to my TpT store and snatch em up cheap and have fun doing this project tomorrow!  I have several options for writing papers and drawing papers so you can have them all and choose the one you like best.

Check them out!  I was dying reading some of the sweet, funny things they said.  And didn't they do a good job with their family portraits?  I taught them how to fit everyone in by doing a little overlapping if necessary.  Anyway- here!  I'll pick out a few of the highlights:

I love this line:  "It's true that we are: BFF."
The most important thing about my family is that we: love each other!

It's true that we are: perfect!

oh my gosh, can you see this one??  How do you spell TV?  :)
We like to: wach tefe
too cute!

And it's true that this family is: smrt (with a backwards "s" and all!)  :)

Don't you think parents will love these forever?  oh my!  SO great!!

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