When I am 100 Years Old!

I am in LOVE with this project!
I just did it for the 13th year in a row in honor of the 100th day of school, and let me tell you- it never gets old!  Ha!  Even if your 100th day is a little bit past, you should still do it!  It's so fun!

And I promise you, everyone who walks through your hall and sees them is sure to comment on how hilarious they are.  At one of my old, old schools we had a very strict kind of mean-ish Principal who never filed or liked ANYTHING, but guess what?  She was freaking out, taking pictures of these and talking about them for months.  There is something about this project that is just THAT great.  :)

If you like it and wanna give it a whirl, grab all the instructions, brainstorming tools, and writing paper choices in my TpT shop for only a few bucks!  I used to just have my Kindergarteners write a few lines about being 100... but this year I tried a writing frame and I'm really happy with the results (you get both options and more in my packet)!

And for now, just sit back and gets  kick out of these funny, sweet 100 year old babes:  Oh, and if you don't read Kindergarten writing, I will translate for ya!

This little lady is going to probably eat lots of salad, live in her apartment and spend time with her grandchildren.  For fun, she'll go bowling with her old friends and she'll also wear glasses.
This granny likes to "jric cofe"  (drink coffee). :)
Eating lots of jello and relaxing in Arizona!
Playing BINGO and walking around with her cane.  Life is good! 
And when this little guy gets together with his friends, they're not doing anything wild and crazy.  They're just gonna "go ras"  (go rest).  Sounds good, buddy!
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