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Hello, World!

I'm Kate and I'm new to the teacher-blogging world!  I'm here because I love to share ideas with other teachers... so if you're a teacher, you've come to the right place!  I've loved gathering ideas from other bloggers over the years and I want to give back and share some of what I'm doing in my class and offer ideas on all kinds of stuff from teaching (of course) to technology to health and who knows what else this little space will evolve into!  I'm passionate about lots of stuff, but this is my little corner of the world to talk about teaching!

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Here are some of my initial ideas:

I've taught Kindergarten and 1st grade for the past 12 years and I've come up with lots of cool stuff... yes, some of it is for sale on Teachers pay Teachers ---> and I'll show you how I use some of that from time to time, but I promise this blog won't just be an advertisement for me.  I really, truly do love to help so there will be lots of just good, old fashioned, free idea sharing and pictures to inspire you or get your wheels turning!  If you like something, feel free to pin it or use it in your classroom!   My blog name/classroom these is HOWYWOOD... my last name is Howard and so it's a Hollywood theme with a personal twist.  The kids (my superstars) think it's hilarious.

I'm really into technology and I'm planning to do video reviews of all my fave apps!  I've seen more than enough lists of great apps... but I don't like the lists- I wanna SEE it-- like, show me! Give me a sneak peek before I fork over the $3 to buy it!  If you have an iPad in your class or at home, definitely be looking for that!  I'm a serious app nerd!  :)

I'm a super busy wife and momma to three precious kids at home.  Are they cute or what?!

wedding pic SO, if you've ever been there, you KNOW I don't have tons of spare time to blog because, well... I have more important things to do like watch Brady Bunch (my oldest two, ages 6 and 5 are suddenly SUPER into watching this show lately! Ha!), wipe noses, hug babies, and pack lunch boxes.  So this would be a GREAT blog to subscribe to if you don't want to be bombarded by posts every day... but maybe just a little treasure once a week or so?  Feel free to subscribe via email using the link over there -->

Also, I like to give stuff away... and I don't imagine this blog will become super huge or anything so if you wanna enter any of my giveaways, lets just say you have a pretty good chance of winning!  Go for it!

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  1. Hi Kate! I love your sub plan idea! I teach middle school, but I can (and will) definitely do something like this. I'm new at blogging too! Come visit: http://meatballsinthemiddle.blogspot.com/

  2. Hi Kate! Your blog is super cute and so is your family. Good luck with your new venture. We're just starting out too.

  3. Welcome to the world of blogland!

    MrsMc from Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!