Happy MLK Day!! A guided drawing, some watercolor painting, and more!

Time to take down the New Year's stuff and move on to MLK!  This gets to be such a busy, fun time of year with all the great holidays and events coming up... Groundhog's Day, Valentine's, dental health month, 100th day of school, I Love to Read Month, Black History Month... love it!

My class started learning about Martin Luther King, Jr. this week.  I love how my sweet, innocent Kindergarteners can NOT even BELIEVE that people were treated so unkindly in the past. Their little mouths drop open like "say whaaaa?":)

I wanted to share a cool drawing activity we did!  It was good for my kids because most of the people I teach them to draw are kind of "cartoon-y" with round eyes and a curved line for a smile.. you know the type!  So this was their first experience trying to draw a "real-looking person!"

So I just looked at a picture like this to guide myself:
and took them step by step through drawing him... starting with a BIG head that takes up almost the whole page, then modeled how to do football-shaped eyes, make the ears across from the eyes... and so on!  I encouraged them to draw realllly lightly with pencil so they could erase if needed.  I emphasized that theirs won't like exactly like mine or their neighbor's, but it's super cool cause they will ALL end up looking just like MLK!  And they did!

When we finished drawing, they got to add any background they wanted... a solid color or an American flag (or one girl did a Mexican flag--- LOL!) and they turned out gorgeous!  These are Kindergarteners!  I'd encourage anyone to try this with your class- K or older!  I wasn't sure my K babies could do this, but they knocked my socks off.

 We also did some cool watercolor painting on some of MLK's best quotes!  I picked 26 of my faves... you can have them all typed up and ready to go (in both a PDF exactly like mine AND an editable word doc so you can change the font and size if you want) in my Martin Luther King, Jr Project Pack on TpT!

It also includes a really cute craftivity of MLK himself, and several different writing papers they could use to write about "my dream for the world" or to reflect on the quote that they painted and what it means to them.  Check it out!  On sale this week!

Make it a great day!!

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