Laminating aluminum foil... and displaying memories all at the same time!

I was looking for something cool to put above my lockers this year.  My school has cold, unforgiving brick walls you can't staple into or get too creative with... but I am loving this little idea and wanted to pass it on!

I love shiny... and thought what the heck- I'll try laminating aluminum foil and see how it comes out... cool!  It really is! Kinda crinkly and sparkly!  I tried to add a few black squares and make it look like filmstrip to fit my HOWYWOOD theme.  Then I spliced it up and have been popping pictures onto the "frames" throughout the year.  It's turning into a little gallery of special moments we've had.


Untitled Anyone could totally do this yet this year or definitely file this idea away for next Fall!


Happy memory making!
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